Michelle Quickly Develops a Secure Patient Intake Process

Michelle Quickly Develops a Secure Patient Intake Process

When tech consultant Michelle’s healthcare client needed to produce a digital patient intake process on a tight deadline, the Soliant Consulting team turned to Formstack’s out-of-the box solution.

“We had a tight timeframe, so we couldn’t build anything custom. Then Formstack came to mind.”

When a large telehealth provider’s business tripled due to the pandemic, they turned to Michelle and the team at Soliant Consulting to create a completely digital patient onboarding process. With a very tight timeline, they needed an out-of-the box solution that did not take much time to get up and running. For this project, getting data into Salesforce was a must, so the team decided to go with Formstack’s native Salesforce tool that can combine forms, documents, and eSignatures into the Salesforce ecosystem.

Michelle and her team were able to quickly create a robust patient onboarding workflow. This HIPAA compliant process securely collected patient data, routed it to the appropriate back office staff, and automatically generated consent documents. They also streamlined insurance and billing processes, saving their client multiple steps and lots of time. In just one day, they were able to register 80 new patients with this new system. All the information and documents are securely stored within Salesforce, ensuring employees have one location to access all patient data.

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Streamlined workflows

Built an onboarding process that allowed a telehealth provider to register 80 new patients in a day

Simplified billing

Created workflows that make it easy to manage patient insurance and billing information

Enhanced the user experience

Provided patients with an easy and convenient way to provide information and access services

Video Transcript

They had a product suite that pretty much handled everything that we needed. So we had the online forms, but they also create documents and they do e-sign. And so their products all seamlessly integrated into Salesforce. So everything worked well together.

Tell us about yourself!

My name's Michelle Lavalette. I work for Soliant Consulting and we're a consulting company that helps customers with their Salesforce needs.

Why did you choose to partner with Formstack?

We had a client who needed to engage patient information in the telehealth counseling business and especially with COVID. Their business has, tripled, quadrupled. And so they're really looking for a quick way to intake patients where they can go to web, fill in their information, and have that input into Salesforce immediately. But then further from that, they needed to kind of send those documents back out for consent and billing and stuff, and then have people sign those documents and have those end up back in Salesforce.

So, we were trying to come up with a solution to be able to get all that information in the Salesforce, the documents out. And we had a tight time frame of getting it all done within a month. So, we didn't have time to build anything custom and that's when Formstack came to mind.

How have you reimagined work using Formstack?

Overall, they were really happy with the different forms, and we've gone over a couple iterations of making things easier for their clients to fill out. But I just basically realized that you can pretty much do anything that you want.

What outcomes has Formstack helped you achieve?

Think that we've had a max of maybe 80 forms filled in a day by people. So we've been able to bring in 80 new clients a day, and kind of seamlessly get their forms into Salesforce, reach out to them, get any additional information. We've added the ability where they can upload an image of their insurance card so that we can, even kind of bypass the stuff without having to call and ask and verify that. On top of that, we set up a second module where the people that meet with these patients can submit their billing information, and it'll go and bill when they can just take that information out, entered in the billing system. So it's really kind of an end-to-end solution from intake to billing.

What advice would you give to someone looking to become “practically genius”?

I think, probably the biggest advice for using Formstack to solve processes is really choosing the right object to start your form on. Starting out and especially not using Formstack take a lot, I tried a lot of different configurations of objects. As I iterated over different versions of my forms, I realized the referral was the best place to start. It's really just where you start your form, different ways that you can set up the form itself.

Why do you recommend Formstack to your clients?

It's really easy to get started without having any Formstack experience to begin with. It probably took me a little bit longer at first to get things going. But now that I know the product, I can make forms quickly within 30 minutes for a simple form. And so it's very quick. It just maps so easy, which is so easy to use that I could pass this off to my end user to use, and my client could go create their own forms if they really wanted to do. Don't necessarily need my help.

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